Want to Start a Conversation With for Someone New

Starting a conversation with strangers or someone new that you are interested in is never easy. A good conversation opener can improve any conversation and actually turn out to be the beginning of a great relationship or friendship.

This post will empower you with ideas on what you can use to start a conversation with someone new.

In the post we share conversation starters that can be used by anyone and with anyone.

What’s up?

It invites the other person to share something. They can discuss their job. They can talk about their kids. It’s a terrific way to learn someone’s thoughts.

You Busy?

Whether someone seems preoccupied or uninterested, I inquire if they’re busy. Sometimes recognizing their busyness works.

How’s That Drink/App/Art/Game?

Asking about someone’s hands or actions is a favorite context cue. Discuss their wine. Ask if they like the artwork. How’s the food? Simple openers.

Are Having Fun?

Look for someone who seems to be having a good time by themselves. It’s easy to question someone at a table or bar, “Are you having fun?” Better than “How are you?”


Let’s start with discussion starters. These are perfect for starting a conversation with a new or old friend. They’re better than “Where are you from?” what do? Boring! Alternatives:

What’s New? What Do You Do?

Asking if someone is working on something fascinating helps them give a more interesting update.

Describe yourself. This is a good conversation starter since it invites someone to tell you a story about themselves.

What’s Your Current Hobby?

You never know someone’s side gig. I love asking this to folks I know professionally but want to know more about personally.

Talk About The Weather Or Sports

Small chat is a great technique to start a conversation without committing to one topic. You can utilize the weather as a segue into your geographic location, how you used to live somewhere else, an imminent seasonal change, etc.

You can then start a new topic. You may mention how chilly it is and how winter will offer you more time to write on your novel (drawing on the conversation topic example in the introduction).

Give a Compliment

Compliments make the recipient warmer to you and more inclined to participate in your conversation, wherever it goes. Be specific and sincere or you’ll alienate the person.

Let the other person talk about the source of the compliment. Once the topic is exhausted, you can move on to nearly any relevant issue; your conversation partner will be more receptive to what you have to say.

Discuss Location

Talking about the venue or your environment works anywhere (and with anyone). When networking, discuss the coffee or seating. If you’re at work, chat about the break room or parking lot. Find something your discussion buddy can also find.

This creates an instant connection, especially if you feel similarly about the topic. Then change topics.

Request Help

Ben Franklin invented asking for a favor. Doing a favor for someone initiates an evolutionary link, making them more open to hearing what you have to say. The favor doesn’t have to be huge or exotic; it might be as basic as “Can I use your pencil?”

You Can Open With a Joke

Jokes are popular. Tell a clean, clever joke that makes the other person grin, and you’ve formed a sympathetic connection that can last for a whole conversation.

With prepared jokes, you can pick a joke related to your intended topic of conversation and lead in with it. It will sound innocuous and allow you to drive the conversation to your eventual destination.

Make A Harmless Remark

Try to make an observation connected to your conversation topic. It could be an odd mark on the floor or a recent news story. Then, introduce dialogue that leads to your aim.

If you don’t know what to start a conversation with someone, there are a few things you can do to signal that you’re interested. These include maintaining a friendly attitude and using a common interest as the basis of the conversation. This will open the door to exploring the topic in-depth.

More Ideas For Conversation Starters

If you want to strike up a conversation with someone, there are several ideas you can use. One of the best is to talk about the last great show you watched. Chances are, you’ll find some common ground.

For example, if you both like the same type of show, you’re likely to find some common ground. Another great idea is to start a conversation about your entrepreneurial spirit.

If you’ve started a business, you may find that you have something in common with the other person. This can also lead to a follow-up conversation.

Another idea is to talk about the last funny thing you did, or the last time you laughed. It may be a funny video or a funny memory. You can also talk about your first car, which can be a nostalgic topic. It can be embarrassing or cool, but it’s sure to make someone laugh.

Conversation Starters Help You To Get Going

These ideas for conversation starters with someone will help you make the most of your first meeting. They will make it easier to talk to each other, and they’ll help you learn about each other’s interests. They’ll also give you ideas for follow-up questions. You can also use these ideas to connect with people you’ve never met before.

Kids are another great source of conversation starters. Youngsters love to talk about subjects that they’re passionate about. For example, a child may be interested in dinosaurs, while an adult may know about planets.

These topics will reveal your inner feelings and interests. They’ll likely be happy to talk about their interests with you, as long as they’re not talking about anything that could make them angry.

If you’re looking for a fun conversation starter, try sharing a story of a hero. People love stories of people who have saved their lives. It’s a perfect way to start a conversation. People love a good story and will be interested in learning more about it.

The Best Way To Signal Your Interest In Someone

When you are attracted to someone, you will make subtle changes in your body language. One common sign of attraction is adjusting your clothing and hair. This gesture is known as preening and is most common with women. Women will adjust their posture and angle their torso towards the guy approaching them.

Another way to signal interest in someone when starting a conversation is to ask them about themselves. Asking them about their day-to-day activities or hobbies can help you build a connection and establish a connection. Taking note of their interests and preferences can lead to hours of conversation.

Keeping A Pleasant Attitude

One of the most important things you can do when you are starting a conversation is to keep a positive attitude. Even if you’re nervous about speaking in front of someone new, try to focus on their words and try to keep a positive tone. This way, the other person will be more relaxed and open to your ideas and comments.

When it comes to exhibiting interest, be sure to maintain a pleasant attitude and make eye contact. Remember, you are modeling their behavior. You don’t want them to think you’re rude or mean. Also, when you’re starting a conversation, talk about something you have in common.

Final Thoughts

A positive attitude is beneficial for your overall health. It improves your ability to fight diseases because daily stress wears on our immune system. In addition, it makes us more approachable as colleagues and allies. Superiors will also view us positively if we keep a positive attitude.